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PREVIEW | Catrice Autumn/Winter 2013-2014 Updates

Se há publicação que sei que muitas de vocês gostam de ver são as actualizações da Essence e da Catrice. Quanto à Essence ainda não posso dizer-vos nada (ainda não há informação), mas da Catrice já posso contar-vos tudo tudo! Nos produtos que são mesmo novidade (e não apenas adições de cores a linhas já existentes) deixei uma pequena descrição do produto.

All Matt Plus Shine Control Make Up *NOVO*
010 | 020 | 030 | 040
Shades of Nude: the new All Matt Plus - Shine Control Make Up acts like a second, invisible skin. Unwanted shine is controlled, the complexion is mattified and the skin is replenished with moisture. At the same time, this make-up is oil-free, long-lasting and offers great coverage to make little skin imperfections disappear. Light-reflecting pigments ensure a silky-matt finish and a flawless, fresh look. Dermatologically tested and available in a total of four shades. 30 ml.

All Matt Plus Powder *NOVO*
010 | 015
All Matt. With the new All Matt Plus – Shine Control Powder. The ultra-fine powder is easy to disperse and turns your skin into a shine-free zone. The combination of an oil-free texture and light-reflecting pigments provides a long-lasting, matt complexion without looking pasty. Available in four shades.
020 | 030

Defining Blush
070 Pinkerbell

Blush Tint For Cheeks and Lips *NOVO*
010 Rose Flush
Tinted Love. Liquid blush textures are all the rage right now. The new Blush Tint by CATRICE can be used on your cheeks and lips. Its gel-like texture is easy to apply and blend smoothly using the soft flock applicator. The colour-intensity increases with each layer. For a healthy and long-lasting fresh look on your cheeks and lips. One shade to suit all colour types.

Liquid Metal Eyeshadow *NOVO*
010 Look Me In The Ice | 020 Gold n' Roses | 030 We Are The Champagnes
Lookalike: the new Liquid Metal Eyeshadows conjure-up a glossy shimmer like liquid metal on your lids this season. Nine colours with a unique chrome effect accompanied by an extraordinary and innovative relief structure. Maximum pigmentation, a silky texture and intensive colour-dispersion in an exclusive black packaging. As good as gold: here’s to gaining new metal fans.
040 Under Treasure | 050 We're The Winner Purple | 060 Petrol Pan
070 Gold Leaf Me | 080 Mauves Like Jagger | 090 Nougat it Right

Catrice Absolute Eye Colour
660 Ice White Open | 670 Vanilla and Charles | 680 Shade of Grey
690 Snoop Dovey Dove | 700 Jeans Dean | 710 Lilac Del Rey

Kohl Kajal
150 Purple du Soleil | 160 I Have a Green

Made to Stay Inside Eye Highlighter Pen *NOVO*
010 In The Mood For Nude
Eyelight: this innovative Highlighter Pen with a nude colour texture has been developed especially for the inner eyelid. Its pale, light-reflecting texture is a real eye-opener and provides a radiant, wide-awake look. Thanks to the waterproof texture, the Inside Eye Highlights are long-lasting and are sure to stay where they belong. The soft mine can regularly be brought back into shape with the integrated sharpener. Opthalmologically tested. Available in the nuance 010 In The Mood For Nude. 

Made to Stay Highlighter Pen
020 Eye Want! | 030 Eye Need!

Better Than False Lashes Volume Mascara *NOVO*
010 Black
Professional Trio. The new Better than False Lashes Mascara is coming to stores in three versions: black, ultra black and waterproof. The fibre triple-volume brush is easy to use thanks to its shape and ensures dramatic volume, ultimate length and extreme curl at the same time! The effect: even more impressive than conventional false lashes. Opthalmologically tested. Available in premium metallic packaging.

Better Than False Lashes Volume Mascara Ultra Black *NOVO*
010 Ultra Black

Better Than False Lashes Volume Mascara Waterproof *NOVO*
010 Black

Glamour Doll Volume Mascara Waterproof *NOVO*
Waterproof Doll Eyes. The extremely popular Glamour Doll Volume Mascara is gaining a waterproof version. Good news: the beloved elastomer brush is implemented here, too. Due to the large gaps, it captures a large amount of texture and covers each individual lash with creamy black colour without weighing it down. The results: lashes with extra volume, fascinating length and a unique curl. Can be removed using water-soluble eye make-up remover. Opthalmologically tested.

Ultra Fine Ink Eyeliner *NOVO*
010 Black on Track
Ultra Fine Ink Eyeliner Waterproof  *NOVO*
010 Don't Move
Accuracy is key. The new Ultra Fine Ink Eyeliners offer an extra thin brush applicator to make accurate lines and calligraphic works of art as easy as child’s play. The deep-black texture dries quickly and is extremely convincing thanks to its high coverage and long durability. The protective cap – in metallic silver or blue – shows that there is a waterproof version as well as a water-soluble one.

Pure Shine Colour Lip Balm *NOVO*
010 Rose&Woody | 020 Rusty in Piece | 030 Don't Think Just Pink | 040 My Cherry Berry
Jumbo Chic – make a sparkling appearance with the new PURE SHINE Colour Lip Balms. The creamy, super-soft texture pampers your lips with moisture and leaves behind a smooth, shiny finish. Instead of a sticky sensation, your lips are provided with plenty of care and a pleasant fragrance. Jumbo Lipsticks are the beauty must-have of the season because they don’t just look chic, they’re super practical, too! They fit into even the smallest handbag and the twistable mine makes application extremely easy. Available in eight shades including natural-looking nudes, subtle rosés, bright and trendy “look at me” shades and the classics red and pink.
050 Cherry-ty | 060 Go Flamingo Go | 070 I Don't Red It | 080 Sheers!

Ultimate Gel Lip Colour Lipstick *NOVO*
010 Love's Di-wine | 020 Red or Bad | 030 Orangina | 040 Don't Fear The Sheer
Beautiful colour and a multi-facetted, brilliant shine. The innovative Ultimate Shine Gel Lip Colour is a true beauty hybrid: on the one hand, a gloss with a light gel-like texture, on the other hand a super creamy lipstick with medium colour-dispersion. Chapped lips are a thing of the past, the present is looking bright and beautiful! In the look of the Ultimate Shine Lip Colour range and available in a total of eight colours.
050 Upside Brown | 060 Don't Pink a Drive | 070 License To Pink | 080 Russian Violette

Ultimate Colour Lip Colour Lipstick
270 Matt-erial Girl | 280 Star Rust | 290 Sweet Coraline

Ultimate Shine Lip Colour Lipstick
250 Yes, We Can-dy!

Long Lasting Lip Pencil Waterproof *NOVO*
010 Walnut Groove | 020 Hey Macadamia Ahey | 030 Berryson Ford | 040 And The Cherry On The Top | 050  Red Lip District | 060 The Perfect Pinkini
Limits! The Longlasting Lip Pencil sets colour limits, prevents lipstick from streaking and guarantees intensive colour results. The long-lasting, waterproof texture is smooth yet allows an accurate application. Practical: the wooden pencils fit comfortably in your hand and can be sharpened effortlessly when needed. Available in a total of 12 perfectly aligned colours to go with the current Lip Colour range by CATRICE.
070 I Got You Babe! | 080 That's What Rose Wood Do! | 090 Reach The Peach | 100 Upper Brown Side | 110 Tom and Berry | 120 Mauve  In The Right Direction

Gel Like Top Coat *NOVO*
A Shining Performance. The new Gel-Like Top Coat ensures a stylish high-shine gel-looks on your nails. The high-quality, transparent gel-texture is applied on top of colour nail polish as a sealer to offer protection from unwanted scratches and premature chipping. It makes nail polish last longer and offers a high-shine gel-finish to give your manicure a professional, pampered look.

Ultimate Nail Lacquer
41 - 2 Million Dollar Baby | 42 Nickel Minaj | 43 Miami pINK | 44 Mermaid My Day | 45 Kitsch Me If You Can

Ficou-me só a faltar o Photo Finish Concealer (não havia imagem), um corrector em caneta que promete longa duração e hidratação, com partículas reflectoras de luz.

Já tenho a minha pequena wishlist:
* Long Lasting Lip Pencil Waterproof: quero dar uma olhadela em vários dos tons disponíveis;
* Quem sabe não experimento a base All Matt Plus. Dava-me jeito ter uma base em casa do namorado (actualmente tenho apenas um potinho com a minha base da Lancôme, mas ela está quase a acabar);
* Ultimate Nail Lacquer 43 Miami pINK;
* Pure Shine Colour Lip Balm: há cores tão bonitinhas que nem sei por onde escolher.

O que vos deixou mais curiosas?

24 comentários:

  1. só por aqueles eyeliner's de aplicador de pincel ja fiquei contente!

    1. Eu por acaso prefiro delineadores sem ser em pincel x)

  2. O blush liquido e os balms vêm morar cá para casa :o Ai vêm, vêm <3

  3. a base será boa? a minha pele é oleosa e parece-me uma boa aposta. Mas gosto sempre de ter uma opinião!

    1. Já houve uma base do mesmo género, eu suponho que seja a mesma ou então com algumas melhorias (esperemos). Eu nunca a experimentei, mas já li boas reviews ;) Tenta procurar algumas!

  4. uau tanta coisa boa :) ansiosa que cheguem :)

  5. Posso dizer que estou interessada em tudo? ahah :)

  6. quem me dera ter aqui perto uma loja onde vendem isso :( Espreita o meu trabalho ;) unhas de gel, e comentam! Bjnhs

    1. Sara se precisares, depois podes fazer uma listinha que eu compro e envio ;)

  7. Gostei muito das sombras Liquid Metal, fiquei interessada no Better Than False Lashes, e nos vernizes.
    A Catrice tem realmente coisas lindas :)

    1. Há muita coisinha nova com bom aspecto para experimentar ^^

  8. Cada vez que vou a portugal de férias custumo comprar essence mais nunca experimentei a marca Catrice (mesmo conhecendo algums dos produtos da marca). O teu artigo despertou ainda mais a minha curiosidade !

    1. Então tens que experimentar! Eu também ainda não testei muita coisa deles, mas, de um modo geral, costumo ouvir falar bem ;)

  9. Ainda falta muito para estarem disponíveis??

    1. Normalmente as actualizações da Catrice chegam lá para Setembro/Outubro ;)

  10. Estou ansiosa para experimentar os Pure Shine Colour Lip Balm. Em que mês é que estes produtinhos chegarão?

    1. Como disse aqui em cima, normalmente as actualizações da Catrice chegam lá para Setembro/Outubro ;)



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