terça-feira, 16 de agosto de 2011

Preview: MAC Art Of Powder Collection

Mais produtos que serão lançados pela MAC - Art Of Powder Collection (Edição limitada).

More products that will be launched my MAC - Art Of Powder Collection (Limited Edition).

"At M·A·C the line between Fine Art and Makeup Art is undeniably blurry. We get inspired by the Masters, as well as modern art movements. With this in mind we’ve created a collection of three M·A·C Artist Powders. Spotting the influence behind each design is easy. There’s an op art Optical Bronzer that explores the depth, dimension and sheer illusion of bronze. A Street Art Eye Shadow lets you personalize the eye with a madcap act of pure graffiti – and for those who love random acts of light and shade, an In The Abstract Highlighter. Art pieces indeed, yet when it comes to makeup, a fabulous tool. As any artist would tell you – such palettes empower creation. Make some art."

Eyeshadow - Street Art (Graffiti design with light brown, white, light cool blue, warm orange, pastel pink, and pastel blue)

Highlighter - In The Abstract (Soft pink base with yellow gold lines and lavender and midtone pink dots)

Bronzer - Optical (Bronze with gold pearl and neon pink with gold pearl)

North America
September 29, 2011 at all M·A·C locations
International October 2011 at select M·A·C locations
1.800.588.0070 and www.maccosmetics.com 

4 comentários:

  1. achei a colecção super original! adorei os desenhos nos produtos

  2. * Miss Tee: Também acho que está bastante original (:

  3. hmm, estou de olho neste iluminador.. se as cores todas forem até ao fundo e não ser só overspray :)

  4. * Líria: Maioria das vezes é só mesmo overspray -.-' É uma pena!



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